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Copy the CA State Standards for Science before the STAR test: Click here for EXTRA CREDIT  

What is on the Chemistry Final Exam? Click Here.

Chemistry extra credit. click here.


Roxie Says:  Have a nice weekend.

Make a run for it!

Sewer Tour King/Queen Videos due to me by Tuesday, May 20th on a standard VHS tape.  Theme:  Why should we think about sewage when we think of you?  Some people are born into greatness, others have it flung upon them.....

Here's how the excreet credit works:

If you make the video by yourself:  20 points excreet credit.

If 2 or more people work on the video (and you don't have to be from the same class period - Mr. Proodian's class too):  35 points split between all of you any way you choose.  One person can have all 35 points.  You can split it 20/15... But only 35 points, no matter how many people are involved in the production.

If you win:  20 more points excreet credit!  Just for the winner (sorry cameraman/woman)

My suggestion.....  Groups of no more than 2 people are the best.







Conversions and density homework

Where the heck is that in my textbook? homework

Chapter 1 due Monday 9/23

Chapter 3 due Friday 9/27

Chapter 7 

Balancing Equations Worksheet  

Balancing - Classifying Reactions.  Section Review p. 264 # 3 (skip 3b).  P. 271 #25-29  Due Wednesday 11/6

Activity series - P. 267 #1-3 practice problems.  P. 267 Section Review #2.  P. 271  # 34 and 36.  Due Wednesday 11/6

Molarity Worksheet

Stoichiometry worksheet

Quantum Mechanics Review Sheet

Element Project

Homework for Chapter 6 is on the notes.

Homework for Chapter 10

Homework for Chapter 11

Homework for Chapter 18 (Equilibrium)

Homework for Chapter 16 (Acids/Bases)    Logarithm Review sheet

Homework for Chapter 17 (Thermodynamics)



Bubble Lab

MgO Lab

Hydrate of Baking Soda Lab

Mastication Lab

Barking Dog Lab 

Stoichiometry Lab

Aluminum and Copper (II) Chloride Lab

Walk-Around-The-Room Pressure Experiments   

Charles' Law Lab   How to Do the GA portion of Charles' Law Lab  Charles' Law Grading Rubric

Collection of Hydrogen Gas over Water Lab

Boiling Point Change Lab

Equilibrium Lab

Acid Lab

Cheeto Lab

Specific Heat Lab

Physical Heat:  Melting ice at a constant temperature lab

Chemical Heat:  Heat of reaction of hydrogen peroxide with water


Quizzes and Tests

Chemistry Algebra pre-test

Chapter 12 study guide

Chemistry Final Exam Fall '03

Study Guide for Equilibrium Quiz



Balancing Help on-line 

Balancing Help On-line II

Philosophy of Science Notes

Chapters 4 and 5 notes:  Arrangement of Electrons in Atoms and Periodic law

Spectroscopy Notes


Stuff you still need to know by heart from first semester.

Chapter 6 Chemical Bonding (Notice that the homework for this chapter is at the end of the notes)

Chapter 10 notes - Gas Laws 

Chapter 11 notes - Gas laws meet stoichiometry!  

Chapter 12 Notes 

Chapter 13/14 (solutions and ions in solution) notes AND HOMEWORK

Chapter 18 Equilibrium Notes     Study Guide for Equilibrium Quiz

Chapter 15/16 (acids/bases) notes

Chapter 17 (Thermodynamics Notes)        Specific Heat Website