Chemistry Algebra Pre-Test

Stuff you should probably know already:

1.Write 3/5 as a decimal number._____________

2.What is the reciprocal of 3/5? (leave answer as a fraction)______________

3.Write 0.000045 in scientific notation__________________

4.Write 4500 in scientific notation†††††††† _______________

5.Write 3.45 x 105 in decimal form††††††† ________________

6.Write 3.45 x 10-5 in decimal form†††††† ________________


Stuff you may or may not know already:


7.†† For Your Information:†† The equation for density is: D = m/v where D = density, m = mass and v = volume.


†††††† Question:Re-arrange this equation so that v is on one side of the equation, and D and m are on the other side.NO NUMBERS!†† ONLY RE-ARRANGE THE LETTERS OF THE FORMULA


†††††††††††††††††††††††† v = ________________


Fun with Conversions!(Leave your answer in standard scientific notation)

For Your information:10-3 Km = 1m and 102 cm = 1m


8.††† 1609 m is how many Km?_____________


9.††† How many cm are in 500 Km?________________


10.Convert 30 cm2 to m2†† ______________


11.Convert 80 cm2 to Km2_____________


Fun with Fractions:

12.Solve this problem and leave your answer as a fraction (five sixths divided by four fifths)

††††††††††† 5/6

††††††††††† 4/5


Interpreting Values and re-arranging formulas:

13.Consider the following mathematical equation:D = m/v.D = density,m = mass,v = volume

and answer letters a-d with either: (Increases, Decreases or Stays the Same).HINT:Sometimes it helps to substitute numbers in for the letters so you can see if it is increasing/decreasing/stays same.


††††††††††† a.If v increases and m stays the same, what would happen to D? _________††

††††††††††† b.If D increases and m stays the same, what would happen to v?________

††††††††††† c.If m decreases and D stays the same, what would happen to v?________

††††††††††† d.If m decreases and v stays the same, what would happen to D?________


Multiplying and dividing Scientific Notation:


14.†† 6.00 x 105 ††=____________________

††††††† 2.00 x 103


15.(3.00 x 105) x (2.00 x 10-4) = _________________


Significant Digits:How many significant digits are in the following numbers:

22.0.000034___________†††††††††† 25.5000001 _______________

23.0.003040___________†††††††††† 26.5000.††††† _______________

24. 50000______________††††††††††† 27.100.001 _____________

If you donít know how to do significant digits, you might check under the notes section of the Chemistry website.There is a hyperlink there which will help you.