Where the heck is that in my Textbook?

Chemistry version


Instructions:  Find the page numbers of the following items in your book – be sure to include ALL pages (example, the Glossary covers several pages).  Write the page number(s) and then answer any questions about those sections in the space provided.

      Once you are done, keep this paper as your first paper in your “Notes” section of your notebook.


The Basics:


The Glossary  p. ________________

     Question:  What do the numbers in ()’s mean?



The Index  p. __________________

     Question:  What do the bold numbers mean?



SI prefixes (Hint:  They are in chapter 2)  p._______________

     Question:  What is the exponential factor for Hecto?



Derived SI units (Hint:  Also in chapter 2)  p. ____________

     Question:  What is the unit abbreviation for density?



Rules for determining significant zeros (Hint:  Chapter 2)  p. __________

     Question:  How many significant digits are in the number 79.0?



Rules for rounding numbers p. _____________

     Question:  round this number to three significant digits:  9.999999999



Table 7-2 Polyatomic ions   p. ______________

     Question:  What is the charge on the nitrate ion? 



Table 7-5 Names of acids  p. ________________

     Question:  What is the name of CH3COOH



Appendix A  p._______________

     Question:  what does amu stand for?


Big Ticket Items:


Elements handbook p._____________

    Question:  Name all of the groups of elements beginning with “Alkali metals”





     Question:  Do groups run horizontally or vertically on the periodic table?




Safety in the Chemistry Laboratory (including the quiz)  p.  ____________    

     Question:  Can you wear open toed shoes in the lab?    ___________________

     Question:  If you spill something – other than water, what should you do? ____________________________________________

     Question:  How do you hold a test tube while heating it?


Where is Experiment 7-3?           p.____________

     Question:  What is the name of this experiment?




Study Skills for Chemistry?  p. _____________

     Question:  Under the sub-heading:  “Working Problems”,  write the first three bulleted entries (you only need to copy the bold parts)