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Click Here for AP Physics Syllabus     This is the syllabus for Mr. Young's Class

 Click Here for AP Physics Class rules  These are the rules of the class

Click Here for the AP Physics Formula Sheet you are allowed to use on the Free Response Section ONLY

Click Here for the AP Tutorial : an on-line tutorial made by the University of California  When you get there, go to the left side of the screen and under "AP Exam Review" click on "register" under "students".

Click Here for EXACTLY WHAT IS ON THE AP Exam:  This is the syllabus produced by the AP Physics Test Writers.


Click Here for the IB Syllabus (what's on the exam)


2000 SL paper 1

2000 SL paper 2

2000 SL paper 3



Young's Famous Physics Formula Cram Sheet


Click here for information about AP Physics review sessions

2.  Download the following Review Sheet for E&M (and bring it w/you)

3.  Download the questions we will be covering  (and bring it w/you) 

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General Notes of Interest:  

Young's Famous Physics Formula Cram Sheet  

Last Minute Cram Sheets:

Circuits Cram

Pendulum Cram

Nuclear Physics Cram

Block-on-table-with-pulley-Tension Cram

Mirrors/Lenses Cram

Double Slit/Single Slit diffraction Cram

Electrostatics Cram 

Click Here for AP Physics Review Schedule  This includes all of the notes I made for the reviews.  The review sessions have now ended.  But the notes are still there for your convenience!



Chapters 13/14 (Sound) due Friday, April 19.

Chapters 22-23 (light, mirrors, lenses) due Monday, April 22.

Chapters 27-30 (Atomic structure) due Thursday, April 25th.

Chapters 24-25 (wave nature of light, microscopes/telescopes...etc) due Monday, April 29.

Beat Frequency HW   We are going to do this in Class on Friday 4/25.  If you are absent on that day, it is homework due Tuesday April 30th.  


2.  Pendulum Lab

4.  28 Magnetic Field in a coil

5.  Waves and Sound Lab  This is Cycle1.  The best thing to do is to combine many of the elements of the lab into one GIGANTIC lab.  The idea being to illustrate how these series of labs helped you to master the ideas behind general wave functions.



A. Kinematics Part I due 9/17    


A. Kinematics Part II due 9/23


B. Newton's Laws Homework


C. Work Part I    


C. Work Part II   

D. Momentum Part I   

D. Momentum Part II    

E. Circular Motion Part I       Big ideas in Circular Motion - hope this helps!


E. Circular Motion Part II      Circular motion formula sheet - hope this helps!

F. Gravitation Part I    

F. Gravitation Part II      Simple Harmonic Motion Formulas

A. Fluid Mechanics     Fluids and Bernoulli Notes


A. Electrostatics   Mechanics 1995 #3 and Mechanics 2001 #2


A. Electrostatics Part II


B. Conductors Homework Part I    


B. Conductors Homework Part II      Capacitor Help


Homework Second Semester


C. Circuits Homework Part I          DC Circuits Help I

C2 Circuits Part II    Resistors Help      Lightbulbs and Wattage Help    Great Website to Explain electricity

Dmagnetism part I

Dmagnetism Part II 

Eelectromagentism     How does the Shocker Work?

Chapter 13/14 Sound Homework DUE FRIDAY APRIL 19th - NOT A TYPE-O

Optics Homework Part I (Ch. 22-23) due Monday April, 22nd for stamp

Optics Homework Part II (chapter 24-25) due Monday April, 29th for a stamp

Atomic Structure Homework DUE APRIL 25th!!!!  



Install GA by clicking here  (First SAVE GA to your desktop.  Then, if you have WINZIP on your computer, you should be able to click on the GA on your desktop and have it self-install.  If not, you need to download a trial version of WINZIP at www.winzip.com)

Make your own graph paper by clicking here  (once you get it, DO NOT OPEN it, rather click on SAVE and save it to your desktop and then you can click on the icon it creates on your desktop to make the program)

AP Physics B Lab Schedule

IB lab write-up Format

Graph Matching  (Click on this to do pre-lab BEFORE class on Thursday!)

Walking lab (when done with collecting data, open Graphical Analysis - Learning how to use the GA Program link below)

Graphical Analysis - Learning how to use the GA program   




Pumpkin Drop Is coming up..... Click here for the instructions/rules!

Atwood's Machine

12 Static Kinetic friction

18 Work and energy

Work Lab

19 Momentum 

20 Impulse/momentum 

15 SHM lab  

17 Energy in SHM lab 

Great Hovering Helium Balloon's Batman (lab)

Getting to Know Your Multimeter

Ohm's Law Lab (HTML)       Ohm's Law Lab (MS WORD VERSION)

Mirrors and Lenses Lab

Light (as a wave) lab


Quizzes and Tests

A. Kinematics On-Line Quiz 


B. Newton's Laws On-Line Quiz


C. Work Online quiz 


On-Line quiz for D Momentum 


E. circular motion Online quiz  


F. Oscillations and Gravitation Quiz


A. Electrostatics On-line quiz     On-line Quiz for A. Static Electricity with autograde


B. Conductors On-line quiz


C. Circuits Part One - On-Line Quiz 


Chapter 18 On-Line Quiz


D. Magnetism Quiz 

E. Electromagnetism Quiz

Answers to D&S Marketing Multiple Choice Test #1