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Waves and Sound Unit:   GYYOUNG@capousd.org

Cycle I:

What the heck is a cycle and how do you do this?       

cycle1 in MS word  

 Cycle 1 idea journal

Homework Due Thursday April 10 - Waves and Sound


CYCLE II:       Click here before beginning cycle II

Idea Journal Cycle II

  Cycle II in MS Word     Cycle II is due Monday 4/7

A little birdie told me that you might find the formulas for open and closed end pipes and fundamentals in the textbook.  Just a thought!  You might need these for the cycle II quiz you will be taking on Friday or Monday.

Also, before you take the quiz for cycle 2, you might want to play around with the Coke bottles in the back of the classroom.  What happens to pitch when you tap on a bottle with a little bit of water in it vs. a lot of water?  What happens to pitch when you blow into a bottle with a little bit of water in it vs. a lot of water.

Your Next Multiple Choice in-class exam is Thursday 4/10.  It covers the whole enchilada.  70 questions in 90 minutes.  Top 3 scores = 120 points.  Middle = 100 points.  Bottom 3 = 80 points

Cycle III:

Idea Journal

Instructions for Cycle III