Chemistry Course Outline Second Semester - 2002


Textbook:Holt, Modern Chemistry ©2001


Chapter 6:Chemical bonding, Shapes of covalent molecules, VSEPR Theory, Intermolecular forces, Electron dot notation


Chapter 10:Physical Characteristics of GasesKinetic-molecular theory of matter.Pressure, The Gas Laws


Chapter 11:Molecular Composition of GasesVolume-Mass relationships of gases, The ideal gas law, Stoichiometry meets gas laws


Chapter 12:Liquids Liquids, Changes of state, Water


Chapter 13:Solutions.Types of mixtures, Solution Process, concentration of solutions (Re-visit our old friend molarity).


Chapter 14:Ions in Aqueous Solutions and Colligative Properties.Compounds in Aqueous Solution, colligative properties of solutions Ė boiling point/melting point changes, net ionic equations, molality (a close cousin of molarity)


Chapter 15:Acids and Bases.Properties of acids and bases,Acid-base theories, Acid-base reactions.


Chapter 16:Acid-Base Titration and pHAqueous solutions and the concept of pH, determining pH and titrations.


Chapter 17:Reaction Energy and Reaction Kinetics.Thermodynamics, specific heat, enthalpy, entropy, spontaneous vs. non-spontaneous reactions.


Chapter 18:Chemical Equilibrium.Reaction equilibrium, shifting equilibrium according to Le Chatelierís principle.