Molarity Homework


Molarity:  Describe how many liters of water and how many grams of the following chemicals you need to add to make the following solutions

 (See p. 412-415 in chapter 13 for help with these molarity problems)


1.  Make 6.00L of a 5.60M solution of Copper (II) Sulfate

2.  Make 1.50L of a 1.25 x 103M solution of  Aluminum Nitrate

3.  Make 8.52L of a 1.00M solution of Sodium Hydroxide

4.  Make 300.0mL of a 2.58M solution of Magnesium Chloride

5.  Make 800.0mL of a 2.87 x10-5M solution of Calcium Phosphate

6.  Make 1000.0mL of a 5.97 x 10-3M solution of Sodium Chloride

7.  Make 1.00L of a 4.56 x 10-3M solution of  Copper (II) Sulfate

8.  Make 6.00L of a 3.67 x 10-3M solution of Barium Hydroxide

9.  Make 80.0 mL of a 2.45 x 10-3M solution of  Aluminum Hydroxide

10.  Make 15.0 mL of a 3.56 x 10-3M solution of  Sodium Chloride


Molarity:  Making molarities from stock solutions  (sample problem 13-2 on p. 414 will help somewhat with these problems.  DRAW THEM FIRST, IT HELPS!)


1.  Make 1.00 L of a 6.00 M solution of HCl from a stock solution of 12 M

2.  Make 4.00 L of a 6.00 M solution of HCl from a stock solution of 15 M

3.  Make 400. mL of a 5.00 M solution of HCl from a stock solution of 12 M

4.  Make 600. mL of a 4.90 M solution of HCl from a stock solution of 8 M

5.  Make 350. mL of a 8.00 M solution of HCl from a stock solution of 12 M

6.  Make 3000. mL of a 5.05 M solution of NH3 from a stock solution of 10 M


Answers to molarity problems                                  


1.         5.38 x 103g      7.      0.728g                                     

2.         3.99 x 105g      8.      3.77g                                        

3.         3.41 x 102g      9.      0.0153g                                   

4.         73.5g             10.   0.00312g                          

5.         7.11 x 10-3g                                                                      

6.         3.49 x 10-1g                                                                      


Answers to stock solution problems

                                  HCl          H2O

1.                               0.5L          0.5L

2.                             1.60L        2.40L

3.                           0.167L      0.233L

4.                           0.368L      0.233L

5.                           0.233L      0.117L

6.                             1.52L        1.49L